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Fishing with Capt. Carlile on the Outcast

Champions"I have fished the flats for nearly 50 years, mostly with my own skiffs, and sometimes the magic starts to wear off for me. But then there's Tim! When I get on the skiff with Captain Tim, I feel like a youngster on a great adventure again. Having fished with him for 30 years, I know it will be an amazing day. Even if conditions are far from optimal Tim always pulls off a great day by helping me catch quality fish. (Trust me, if he says cast, CAST because there's a fish there!) Plus, the laughter. While Tim can be serious, when need be, he can also keep you in stitches all day with corny jokes, funny stories, and mischievous pranks. Tim is a consummate professional. Additionally, he is an honest, caring, no BS person. I am honored to consider him a mentor and friend." - Rory Santana

"I first met Tim in the 90's when we fished the Little Palm Island Tournament. We have been fishing together ever since, and I believe he will go down as one of the top select fishing greats of all time in the Florida Keys. His uniqueness as a fishing guide and his personality and character have built a legend that I'm grateful to call my friend. They "broke the mold" with Tim. He is unlike any other guide I've ever gone with for so many reasons. The most important being his humor and great wit. It doesn't matter if the fishing is slow, medium, or extremely fast and non-stop. There is never a dull moment with Tim! People are drawn to him, and so is the wildlife (Harry the blue heron even comes right to his boat and travels with him). The second most important thing to know about Tim is his unbelievable ability to adapt to any type of fisherman. I love to fly fish, and even though it's not Tim's style, he loves to do it. He finds the fish, adapts, and we have fun every time. In closing, one other impressive thing about Tim - he is one of the few guides I know that doesn't try to upgrade to the latest technology on his boat. He uses his God-given gifts and skills, and truly does not need it. This is what genuine legends are made of." - Adolphus Busch

"If you are interested in a first class fishing experience, Captain Tim Carlile is your man. He is "the" Captain of the backwater in the lower Keys! Aside from putting you on the fish, he is a true gnetleman and a dear friend to me." - John Prater

"Captain Tim Carlile is a legendary, vintage, focused, INTENSE, superb back-country flats fishing guide of extraordinary ability." - Judy Kemp

"I have fished with Tim Carlile for over 40 years, and have never had a disappointing day. He can find fish when nobody else can." - Duie Latta

"Captain Tim's knowledge of the lower Florida Keys is second to none. His heart is as big as the record winning fish he finds. Anyone who gets an opportunity to fish with a humble legend like Captain Tim will experience the back water in ways they never thought possible!  When Tim says 'theres a fish right there'... trust him! To say that FL Keys fishing is Tim's occupation is an understatement.... FL Keys fishing is his heart and soul!" - Scott and Melissa K.

"Having fished annually with Tim Carlile as my personal captain for over 25 years, I can say confidently that Tim is an elite guide that knows the Florida Keys inside and out. His trips always result with great catches. This is not just your average day on the water but a successful day of fishing for sport. If you are looking for an elite captain to lead you on your next journey in the keys, look no further. You couldn't ask for a better Captain or man." - Steve Wodell

"Let me sum up my experience by saying that Tim is the best backcountry guide in theh Keys." - Harry Mason